Typically, one of the most expensive aspects of attending college is paying for your living expenses.  This includes items such as your rent and your food. If you are living on campus, rent is set by the university typically depending on availability and your class status.  Depending on whether you are a freshman or upper class, this can vary significantly.  Typically, if you live on campus you may be required to purchase a meal plan.  That requirement doesn’t change regardless of whether or not you take advantage of it.  The bottom line is expenses keeps piling up forcing you to look for an alternative that allows the convenience of being close to campus yet provides a way to reduce out of pocket expenses. WHAT IS THE ANSWER? Find an apartment for rent off campus and save money.

Compare Rent Off and On Campus

Depending on where your campus is located, you may be able to find a better deal by finding an apartment for rent or even a house off-campus. Same for food–you may be able to cut your food budget by opting out of a traditional meal plan.

Take the time to research the cost of renting an apartment in the community surrounding your college or university.  Factor in the shared costs of having a roommate or two. Determine whether or not utilities are additional to the rent and if so the approximate or average monthly costs for each. Determine the additional transportation cost involved with getting to and from school and include it in your computations. Once you have all of your calculations, compare it with the cost of living in the dorms.

It’s also a good idea to learn exactly how your lease would work. Some apartments that cater to college students will have each roommate sign their own lease. It is also to find out whether or not your university restricts students to renting from university approved apartment complexes.

When the dust settles and all the data is reviewed, you may find that living off campus is the right move for you.  You can not only save money, but can enjoy a little more independence and freedom. Before you jump right in and make the switch let’s look at some details you need to consider a little more closely.

All the extra costs involved with finding an apartment for rent

Generally,  the dorm will cover all of your utility costs and internet fees. Your off-campus apartment may or may not do this. You need to consider how much each of these expenses will cost when comparing the costs of these two living options. Additionally, you need to determine how much you will need to pay extra for transportation if you are going to live off campus. Otherwise, you may need to pay for bus fees, unless you are within walking distance of the campus. Keep in mind that the closer you are to campus, the higher your rent may be.

How much can you save without relying on the meal plan

Often the meal plan is one of the more expensive aspects of university housing. However, you may be able to save money on the meal plan if different levels of the plan are offered.  Some examples may include choosing a plan with only two meals a day or one that has more limited dining options. You might also find a way to combine a reduced meal plan with preparing food at your apartment that saves money. You might consider purchasing a meal plan that only includes lunches on campus.

What is right option for you

Once you consider both living options, it’s time to make a decision. You may find it more convenient to live on campus because you can spend more time focused on your schoolwork. But you may also need to choose the most inexpensive option.

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